Savannah GA

White-Label Recruiting

Maybe just a fancy term for augmenting your recruitment capabilities without adding full-time employment headcount to your roles. But what's different in our solution, as compared to hiring a contract-based recruiter, is that our recruiters come with the full backing of our team as a resource to leverage. You get the best of both.

white-label-solBy assimilating into your brand and positioning our recruiting consultants with your HR/Talent Acquisition team and your functional client organizations, we quickly learn your business and hiring needs. Our recruiters become a part of your team, integrate into your technology platforms, and begin to build a strong pipeline of candidates quickly. While our recruiting consultants are seasoned through experience and execute best practices, they will deliver top talent by adhering to your talent acquisition process.

You may have hired contract recruiters in the past – this is different. Our recruiting consultants do become an integral part of your team, but they have the full backing of our team. That means having the ability to rely on Talendia’s collective mindshare to solve difficult problems, garner ideas for difficult positions, or brainstorm on how to best meet a rapid hire need. Whatever issues arrive, we put our team behind it and our consultants are never left to stand alone.

All of our consultants are experienced in full-lifecycle recruitment and in other areas that will surely add value to your organization, including but not limited to:

  • Employer Brand Representation
  • Position Description Design and Best Practices
  • Candidate Sourcing
  • Candidate Screening & Assessment
  • Interview  Scheduling & Management
  • Offer Presentation & Hiring
  • Compensation Alignment & Negotiation
  • ATS/CRM Technology Platforms
Where There is a Need

There may be areas in your talent organization that require more focused attention, but our white-label recruiting is a great solution when there is a basic need to augment an existing team or add a temporary full-time staff member without committing to a full-time benefited employee. Our rates are very competitive and the realized value is far greater than you would typically receive from hiring an independent consultant or contract recruiter.