Savannah GA

What We Do

Web and Application Design/Build, Technology Integration, In-Home Support


As any service company might tell you, it’s nearly impossible to define an offering in concise terms. We see our services really broken down into four primary areas – Web Development, Mobile App Development, Technology Integration, and our newest offering, In-Home Technology Support. What do these entail?

Our web development services are aimed primarily at businesses and organizations that either need a new presence on the web, need better return on investment from their current web assets, or need help solving issues related to their website or overall online presence. Sometimes this is a really easy endeavor and often it may be a project-based effort that involves numerous stakeholders. Our approach always comes from a place of service that will help our customers become as independent as possible as it relates to future needs, maintenance, and content management.

Mobile application development is very in-demand, but not all businesses should invest in native mobile apps. The landscape is crowded and it is a more complex endeavor in some cases. That said, there are distinct cases where a mobile application can add significant value to your ability to service your own customers and mobile apps simply handle some prospect/customer/member engagement better than anything that can be delivered in a web browser. We always take time to assess every customer need, making certain that we implement technology that best serves the solution.

Technology integration is just a way of saying that we help our business customer implement technology to add the most value. By integration, it might be getting devices to communicate across a complex network, getting a team set up to share workflow across networked devices using a cloud backend, or just installing new technology like networks, POS, software, or whatever the need may be. This is a broad service that we offer, sometimes in partnership with another vendor or multiple providers. Our role may address only a fraction of the overall requirement, or in many cases we provide a complete, turnkey solution. We are happy to discuss any need that you have and determine where we can best help.

In-home technology services are our newest offering. At this time we are only servicing limited areas in the Greater Savannah area – all listed on our coverage page. In-home technology has gotten both simpler and more complex over the past few years. While providers have gone to great lengths to provide a better out-of-box experience for their products, in many cases they have fallen well-short in providing service after the sale, help when things don’t work as they should, inter-device communication, etc. After so many calls from customers who needed help with their in-home issues – computer malfunction, data backup and restoration, even setting up email and online services – we decided to address the need. It seems to have been more of a need than we anticipated. if you have an issue, please call us to see if and how we can help. Our pricing schedule for in-home service is very general and we always communicate up-front the effort that is required to resolve any issues you have or help in the way that we can.