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Web Development

Talendia Offers a Variety of Web Development Services


Here we are, 20 years into the 21st century, and web development is still a thing. In fact, it may be more of a thing now than ever because so many customers have traveled down the wrong road with their brand assets on the web. It’s far more than just creating a website. Whether it’s no website, a website that isn’t mobile-ready, or a very poor customer experience, many unsuspecting companies are not even aware they are losing customers and prospects because they aren’t properly represented on the web.

Talendia offers a number of services in this area including site review, design, development, hosting, remediation, branding, measurement analytics, search optimization, application integration, social media strategy, content management and training. Unfortunately, there is a significant problem that is rarely addressed. That is, customers are often not in control of their own content. Not only are they dependent on a provider to add and update content, in many cases they don’t even own the content.

Our primary goal is to review your current online strategy. It may be a simple tweak to position your business where it needs to be. Or, it may be a significant overhaul. We understand that you just want to grow your business and leverage your online presence to be as productive as possible in that regard. We’re here to help. With a free initial assessment, it’s a no-risk effort, and if we can help, we’ll be up front with you about what that means – no matter how little or how much might be required.

Web Development Stack

While we have a number of tools available, our go-to web development stack consists mainly of HTML, CSS, and various Javascript frameworks. Projects often require different backend technology and we are accustomed to integrating AWS storage and server solutions as well as other cloud services like Google Cloud, Azure, etc.

Most of the web projects we work on do not require a terribly sophisticated stack, so most problems can be solved with basic frontend and backend technology, minimizing cost and optimizing time-to-delivery.


WordPress is often a go-to resource for customers who need something that is extensible, yet cost-effective. With it’s wide array of open-source support and extensibility, WordPress often meets many of the needs for business customers who need a presence on the web that provides an attractive, responsive UI, and one that has features allowing customers to readily engage, like ecommerce/store capability, dynamic content, communication, social media integration, etc. Our team is well-versed in WordPress communication and can handle projects of any scope.