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Talent Acquisition Solutions

Every growing company, no matter the size or stage has the need to build a scalable and effective talent acquisition mechanism in order to compete for a finite pool of human resource. In order to attract, recruit, and retain top talent even a basic strategy is required. Our solutions are proven.

ta-solTalent acquisition is at the heart of what we do. Our consultative approach to recruitment is always inclusive of best practices modeled after Bersin’s Talent Acquisition Framework. Traditionally, talent acquisition has often been relegated as a tactical notion that was executed in some form or fashion by the human resources department. With an ever-changing landscape of technology and methodology, and a tightening STEM talent market, this is no longer a viable option, especially in high-growth sectors like technology, healthcare and energy.

Talent attraction, engagement and retention are three major areas of our practice focus. This includes strategy improvement around sourcing, assessment, hiring, and of course, measurement. Our experience tells us that most companies need only minor adjustments in these areas, while some need a major overhaul.

By elevating attention on key hiring metrics, any team can improve not only efficiency in hiring but can raise the bar on quality.

The Obvious is Not Always Quite So

If wishing made it so, every company would have elegant position descriptions, efficient mechanisms for assessing talent, outstanding employer brands and the ability to attract top talent. It’s not that very company doesn’t want these things. Traditions are strong and the landscape has changed, and is changing, rapidly. Our focused approach can help you succeed in what has become a very demanding environment.

Our Talent Acquisition Solutions Apply In the Following Areas

  • Talent Attraction Strategy & Tactics
  • Position Profiles
  • Employer Brand
  • Candidate Experience

  • Recruiting Best Practices
  • Tools & Technology Integration
  • Metrics and Measurement
  • Customized Solutions Around Specific Needs