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Sourcing Solutions

Talendia Sourcing Solutions provide you with a sourcing mechanism that scales to meet whatever hiring need you are experiencing. Our focus is on executing on candidate sourcing strategies that deliver qualified candidates to your pipeline so that your recruiters can focus on higher-value activity.


Sourcing is a labor-intensive activity. Recruiters often spend more than two-thirds of their time sourcing through multiple channels – resume databases, interest groups and social networks trying to cast a wide net over a group of target candidates or talent communities. In many cases these individuals who are preliminarily identified might already be working in a role and not actively looking to make a job change.

We believe that recruiters should be executing on higher-value activities including developing relationships with candidates who are deeper in the talent funnel, screening qualified candidates in-depth and interacting with client groups in their organization.

Our Sourcing Solutions are configured with qualified Sourcers who work on teams to provide your Recruiters with sourcing support. In turn, your Recruiters can focus on connecting directly with qualified candidates and invest significantly less time in building large pools only to expend valuable cycles eliminating those who are not qualified.

Each Talendia sourcing team is responsible for building prospective candidate pipelines, initially assessing them and delivering pre-qualified candidates to the target Recruiter(s) via a Sourcing Manager.

Typical Sourcing Team Organization

In order to maximize efficient communication, each of our teams focus communication through a single Sourcing Manager who communicates with your designated team leader. Our Sourcing Manager will work directly with one or more sourcing teams to ensure delivery goals are met.

Sourcing/Project Manager (may also be Client Account Manager)

  • Ensures success of sourcing project and service delivery.
  • Works directly with client designee.
  • Evaluates progress and adjusts resource levels if/as needed.

Sourcing Team Leader

  • Manage sourcing team’s daily activity and ensures team success.
  • May provide feedback directly to client Recruiters.

Sourcing Team(s)

  • Develop robust pipeline of prospective candidates.
  • Pre-screen prospective candidates for funnel qualification.
  • Perform competitive research and sourcing targets.
  • Submit prospective candidates to Team Leader.

Through our partners we are capable of scaling our sourcing teams significantly in a reasonably short time-frame. Even though we have complete confidence in our partners’ ability to deliver at a high level of quality, we always measure based on our own success and remain completely accountable for our brand results. We know you will be thrilled with the results.