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Search Solutions

Every organization, no matter the scale, will find itself in need of a very focused search initiative to identify, recruit and hire a key employee. Whether the search entails confidentiality, geographical focus, competitor source or specialized skills, our search process is effective and delivers results.

search-solFirst, some clarification is required. We do not believe in the retained search model. While we have recruited C-suite leaders and executives, we approach every search with the same fundamental premise – identify the best possible talent available who meet the performance qualifications for the given requirement. Whether that is a Chief Marketing Officer, an EVP of Finance, or a rare Scientific Data Architect, the same methodology applies.

Certainly we are not naive and we’re very aware and familiar with many of the elite executive search firms who have probably earned the right to enter retained search agreements and receive compensation, regardless of their success on any given search. We just believe that the traditional model is no longer applicable. Through technology, ongoing change in the talent market, and an evolving executive mindset, things are different than they were just five years ago.

Dedicated search is a rigorous process. It requires dedicated resources and relentless pursuit of what amounts to a very limited population of individuals and a very small talent map. When we endeavor to own this type of search, we always pre-qualify the market and the requirement to make certain we can deliver. That is why we guarantee our results. If we don’t deliver to your satisfaction, our clients are not on the hook for a large retainer or interim payments. That also means that if you hire into the role yourself, that whopping 33% fee is not due.

With our search solutions, we require our clients to put some skin in the game. We know they wouldn’t expend valuable resource in a high-risk gamble (commonly known in the recruiting industry as contingent search). That’s another discussion, but data shows that contingent search delivers lower quality candidates in whole, requires significant time and resource to manage on the client side, and promotes very little ownership or accountability on the provider. We believe that through a deeper partnership, our search solution offers a more viable model and one where we are fully-accountable for your success.

Some Things Never Change

There is a rising tide in the recruitment industry. Clients are beginning to realize that the fees they pay for contingent search are inordinate based on the product they receive. Most of the time this consists of sourced resumes. In some cases, candidates may be screened but not fully-vetted nor pre-closed on the opportunity. That said, the more it appears there is change in motion, we consistently meet prospective clients who feel compelled to remain adherent to the contingent search model, either because it is perceived as no-risk (no success, no fee due) or resistance to change because it’s “the way they’ve always done it.”

We find that forward-thinking companies see the blind spot in contingent search. Yes, it’s no-risk regarding the fee, but why would the fee be the focus? The cost of not making a high-quality hire is significantly greater than any fee one would, or wouldn’t, pay. Furthermore, what is often overlooked is the cost of time inherent when hiring managers spend much of their time disqualifying candidates from multiple staffing vendors engaged in a particular search.

Our solution puts our team on the line, fully accountable for our success and delivering only those candidates who meet or exceed the performance requirements of a given position, who are motivated to do the work, and who are ready to close.

What Matters To Us

Our clients tell us what they value most in working with us is our ability to produce outcomes that are important to their business. We believe that value is directly related to our approach.