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Project-Based Recruiting Solutions

Our Project-Based Recruiting Solutions offer a flexible and proven approach for tackling on-demand hiring initiatives. This is a great solution for last minute or seasonal hiring, merger/acquisition, or simply limiting or eliminating fees paid to contingent staffing agencies.

project-based-recHaving met countless business leaders across all walks of the company landscape, be it start-ups with ten employees or Fortune companies with thousands, there is an ever-present recurring circumstance. Sometimes the unexpected comes along and the need to acquire new talent, cost-effectively and without disrupting the business model, becomes an imperative that can make life challenging at best. That’s where we can help.

By developing a customized, per project recruiting service that is tailored to your specific circumstance, we can maximize effectiveness and help you contain costs.

Our project-based recruiting solutions are designed to be agile and scalable. We provide one or more recruiters (onsite or remote) who have deep domain expertise in your industry, and who will work closely with your team to quickly tackle the initiative in a well-defined time-frame.

Your gain is in not having to turn attention from your daily business execution – that is, the ability to keep doing what you already do best. We assimilate quickly, get in, and get out. The impact of whatever circumstance you encounter is minimized.

RPO Engagement May Not Be the Answer

We understand that there are many large-scale RPO (recruiting process outsource) operations who provide a similar service. However, as you engage an RPO you will find hidden costs, excessive points of contact and an overall less nimble approach. If your goal is to attack the problem quickly at a fraction of the cost you would pay for national RPO service, not to mention a more personal and customized approach, our solution is likely your answer.

Where Our Project-Based (On-Demand) Recruiting Solutions are Effective
  • New capital infusion or IPO staging for emerging companies
  • Merger or acquisition that spurs headcount growth and attrition
  • Large-scale expansion initiatives – new product and/or service rollout
  • Elimination or reduction of contingency-based search fees
  • Last minute or seasonal hiring needs