Skidaway Island GA



We discuss all costs prior to any work being performed. Some of the work that we do is not suited to flat-fee pricing and the work is done on a time and materials basis. We provide free estimates in most cases.

Our development services are typically estimated, based on customer requirements and can change as more, or less, work is required. This is typical in any consultative design/build project for websites and applications. We are always transparent about cost and our primary goal is customer satisfaction.

[sc_pricing_table button_icon=”price”][sc_pricing_column title=”Tune-Up” subtitle=”” top_choice=”Wow”][sc_pricing_price font_size=”44″ price=”$69″ color=”#4c5867″ time=”In-Shop/Home”][sc_pricing_row]

  • Includes PU/Delivery
  • Update Drivers
  • Maximize Speed
  • Free Up HD Space
  • Check Hardware
  • Clean Components
  • Virus & Malware Scan

[/sc_pricing_row][/sc_pricing_column][sc_pricing_column title=”Virus Removal” subtitle=””][sc_pricing_price font_size=”44″ price=”$79″ color=”#4c5867″ time=”In-Shop”][sc_pricing_row]

  • Includes PU/Delivery
  • Virus Removal
  • Malware Removal
  • Spyware Removal
  • Includes Basic Tune-Up
  • Install Virus Protection
  • Check Hardware

[/sc_pricing_row][/sc_pricing_column][sc_pricing_column title=”Data Backup” subtitle=””][sc_pricing_price font_size=”44″ price=”Variable” color=”#4c5867″ time=”Onsite”][sc_pricing_row]

  • Offered In-Home
  • Backup of Storage
  • Recovery Plan
  • Backup Important Docs
  • Storage Health Check
  • Cloud Integration
  • Network Integration

[/sc_pricing_row][/sc_pricing_column][sc_pricing_column title=”Windows Install” subtitle=””][sc_pricing_price font_size=”44″ price=”$89″ color=”#4c5867″ time=”In-Shop”][sc_pricing_row]

  • Includes PU/Delivery
  • Reinstall Windows OS
  • Setup Drivers
  • Install Software
  • Install Protection
  • Check Hardware

[/sc_pricing_row][/sc_pricing_column][/sc_pricing_table][sc_pricing_table button_icon=”price”][sc_pricing_column title=”Network Install” subtitle=””][sc_pricing_price font_size=”44″ price=”$85/Hr” color=”#4c5867″ time=”Onsite”][sc_pricing_row]

  • Install Components
  • Configure
  • Security
  • Wireless Setup
  • Add Devices
  • Cabling
  • Other Services

[/sc_pricing_row][/sc_pricing_column][sc_pricing_column title=”Virus Removal” subtitle=””][sc_pricing_price font_size=”44″ price=”$79″ color=”#4c5867″ time=”Onsite”][sc_pricing_row]

  • Install Printer
  • Install Toner/Ink
  • Install Drivers/Software
  • Configure Device(s)
  • Connect To Computer
  • Connect To Network
  • Test & Verify

[/sc_pricing_row][/sc_pricing_column][sc_pricing_column title=”Data Restore” subtitle=””][sc_pricing_price font_size=”36″ price=”$89/100GB” color=”#4c5867″ time=”In-Shop”][sc_pricing_row]

  • Includes PU/Delivery
  • Recover Data
  • Recovery Device Not Incl
  • Data Restoration
  • Storage Recommendation
  • Includes Health Check
  • Not All Data Is Recoverable

[/sc_pricing_row][/sc_pricing_column][sc_pricing_column title=”Hourly Service” subtitle=””][sc_pricing_price font_size=”44″ price=”$85/Hr” color=”#4c5867″ time=”Call”][sc_pricing_row]

  • Includes PU/Delivery
  • Various Services Offered
  • Time & Materials
  • Installation
  • Repair
  • Diagnosis
  • Expert Care & Service