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Our Process

We approach each engagement uniquely, yet with core principles guiding our steps. The notion of modern talent acquisition is certainly not new and there are more opinions about best practices than there are about nearly any other major business function. Oversimplified, talent acquisition is simply the process of recruiting talent to meet company needs – oversimplified to say the least, but let’s start there.

It’s important to make this distinction: recruiting is NOT talent acquisition. In the Bersin lexicon, talent acquisition is defined as “a strategic approach to identifying, attracting and onboarding top talent to efficiently and effectively meet dynamic business needs.” But the term talent acquisition (TA) is often used synonymously with recruiting. However, these are two very different things. Recruiting is a merely a subset of TA, and includes the activities of sourcing, screening, interviewing, assessing, selecting and hiring. In some organizations this extends (and should) to the early stages of onboarding, which then becomes a shared responsibility between HR and the hiring manager, with support from a learning organization, if present.

Talent acquisition certainly includes the activity of recruiting, but there are several other additional elements that make up a scalable talent acquisition strategy. We find that many smaller and emerging companies fail to deploy these functional tenets and often find themselves caught in a chasm when the need to scale quickly arises. As a result, many resort to paying unreasonable fees on a per hire basis, or worse simply hiring a junior-level recruiter, and doing little to stand up a process that will carry them through scale and be more cost effective overall.

We Approach Each Engagement with These Key Elements in Mind

  • Organizational Planning – we can help you ensure business alignment, examine your workforce plans, and provide an in-depth understanding of the talent market.
  • Workforce Planning – we analyze talent segments that are applicable to your business and the positions within these segments, as well as the competencies, performance criteria and experience necessary for your success.
  • Recruitment Design – we provide advice and support to help you design a recruitment strategy specifically for your business including identify recruiter profiles that will provide the highest level of productivity. We also help identify key lifecycle processes that best fit your organizational structure, minimizing unnecessary iterations but ensuring a complete process that ensures accountability and compliance. This may also include documentation, technology integration, and templates for effective position descriptions.
  • Employer Branding – we define and articulate your company’s image, organizational culture, reputation, and value proposition in the best possible light while remaining transparent. We also help to attract quality candidates and present a clear picture of what it’s like to work in your organization.
  • Talent Communities – we define the audiences and channels your organization requires to source talent for specific roles. This includes identifying and mapping all relevant talent conduits for the company (alumni, referral, internal, external, and network).
  • Candidate Experience – we offer several methods for improvement including incremental assessment and survey of candidates (hired and not hired), iterative communication with talent communities, and providing a high-touch and predictable experience for all candidates.
  • Measurement – we provide advice and support for tracking key metrics and KPIs to drive continuous process improvement and to ensure better recruitment decisions with the intent of elevating quality of hire in your business.

Learn more about our solutions and how Talendia can help you increase the flow of great talent without disrupting your daily operation. Whether a one-time need, a seasonal spike, or process improvement, our talent acquisition solutions scale to fit your requirements.