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Mobile Applications

Native Mobile App Development for iOS and Android Platforms


Businesses, organizations, clubs, associations all benefit from having an associated mobile app that consumers of their services or products can have ready-access to. In fact, consumers have come to expect it. The question “can I download your app?” has become common in the age of mobile-everywhere. We understand that not all businesses or organizations are necessarily in a position to benefit greatly from a dedicated native mobile app. In that case, sometimes the right responsive website will do – one that can be accessed from a mobile browser application.

If you are thinking about a custom application, we can help. We offer solutions for iOS and Android devices. Assessing whether you can benefit from a native app is the first step. We can help you there. We also create applications that complement an existing web presence and are able to leverage existing web content so that you maintain control and ownership.

Ready to step up to the ultimate online presence – that is, having your own branded app in the App Store? Give us a call.

App Development Stack

Mobile app development is an end-to-end process much different than traditional software development on the web or other platforms. The reason for this is that app distribution is typically handled through one of two companies – Apple, Google, or both – depending on the app and who will use the app.

Along with the constraints of having to distribute your app through the big platform owners comes compliance and adherence to their policies. This may relate to privacy, content, security, functionality, in-app monetization and other factors. App approval is dependent on adherence to numerous policies and procedures that are all part of the app submission and approval process. Apple rejects a large percentage of apps based on their stringent criteria. Our team is very adept at navigating these processes and can help you navigate the entire thing.

We develop both iOS and Android mobile apps, most typically in Swift (iOS) or Java (Android). We are currently exploring newer languages including Kotlin and Flutter.


With many mobile apps, data may live on both the device and a backend data store of some kind. Additionally, many apps consume data from one or more of the thousands and thousands of APIs available, either public or private. This includes proprietary (customer owned) data that may reside in an AWS, Google, or other backend data repository. Our team has worked with numerous APIs and can integrate data with your app as needed.

We are currently experimenting with native app integration using WordPress CMS as a backend, which will allow customers to manage much of their app content simultaneously with a website front-end.