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In-Home Support

In-Home Support For Savannah Customers


Our in-home support offers are wide-ranging. Technology has become seemingly more complicated over time and our home support customers utilize our services in a number of ways.

Sometimes it’s a simple hardware or cabling issue. Others times, it’s something slightly more complicated. Our number one goal here is to solve your problem AND to help you understand the solution so that if the problem reoccurs, you don’t have to call us again.

Our in-home services include (but are not limited to):

  • Virus and Malware Removal
  • Wireless and Internet
  • Data Backup and Recovery
  • Home Technology Assessment
  • Some Computer Repairs
  • New Hardware/Software Installation and Setup
  • Smart Home Technology Setup and Integration
Computer Tune-Up ($69)

Computer Tune-Up is one of our most popular in-home services. Over time, computers often accumulate unneeded and unwanted junk that can slow them down significantly. This junk can often be detrimental not only to performance, but also to the health of the computer in terms of reliability.

Our tune-up process includes a thorough check of one computer – desktop or notebook, PC or Mac. In some cases it is either beneficial or necessary for us to pick up your computer and deliver it upon completion. This is included in the cost, if it is necessary.

We will perform the follow procedures, as needed, in a Tune-Up.

  • Update Drivers
  • Maximize Speed and Performance
  • Free Up HD Space
  • Check Hardware
  • Clean Components
  • Virus & Malware Scan

It is important to note that all computers are not viable candidates for tune-up. We will be able to inform you of options once we have done the proper assessment and make any additional recommendations that are applicable.

Virus Removal ($79)

A computer virus, much like a flu virus, is designed to spread from host to host and has the ability to replicate itself. Similarly, in the same way that flu viruses cannot reproduce without a host cell, computer viruses cannot reproduce and spread without programming such as a file or document.

In more technical terms, a computer virus is a type of malicious code or program written to alter the way a computer operates and is designed to spread from one computer to another.

We offer a remedial service in which we will attempt to remove any virus that has infected your computer. often, viruses can remain dormant or even undetectable without specialized tools. And sometimes these viruses may either alter the performance of your computer or may even damage your data. In rare cases, viruses can even have an impact on your hardware investment although this is rare.

Our virus removal service includes pick up and delivery of your computer. During this procedure we will:

  • Remove Detected Virus(es)
  • Remove Any Malware or Spyware
  • Perform Basic Tune-Up Service
  • Install Virus Protection (Additional Cost May Apply)
  • Fully Check Hardware
Data Backup (Variable Pricing - Call)

Having duplicate copies of your most important information saved in a remote location keeps it safe in the case that anything goes badly wrong with your computer. When you think about it, there are a number of ways files can be lost unexpectedly.

Your Computer Crashes – can happens when you least expect it, and can lead to data loss.

Virus Infection – malicious viruses can corrupt files and disable computers.

Hard Drive Failure – hard drives have a finite lifetime and can fail suddenly and without warning. The sudden death of a hard drive can cause the painful loss of months or years of irreplaceable files and the timing can be catastrophic.

Physical Damage – while physical damage may seem remote, if you use a laptop, it is actually quite common. Drops and spills are two of the most common causes of data loss on portable devices.

The bottom line is that if you value what’s kept on your computer, it’s wise to take steps to protect your information from sudden loss.  Work can be redone, but the loss of cherished files, like family and travel photos is permanent.

We will perform the follow procedures, as needed, for Data Backup.

  • Offered In-Home
  • Backup of Storage To Your Device or Cloud
  • Recommended Recovery Plan
  • Backup Important Docs To Cloud
  • Storage Health Check
  • Cloud Integration
  • Network Storage Integration
Data Restoration ($89/100GB)

There is nothing remotely fun or interesting about backing up your data. But, when you lose it, it may be an emergency – or worse. While all data is not recoverable, we can help you recover data from your storage devices in the case of a catastrophic loss. Even when it’s not an emergency, sometimes you just want to get those files back that you’ve been keeping around for 10+ years and they are suddenly lost.

There are all sorts of reasons customers lose data, but none more common than there was no backup plan (tsk, tsk). We will not only help you recover important data in a timely fashion. we’ll show you how to make sure it doesn’t happen again. That said, no one is immune from data loss. Our goal is to help you minimize and mitigate that risk in as easy and cost effective way as possible.

Our data restoration service is priced based on the amount of data that is recovered with a minimum charge of $89. The service includes:

  • PU/Delivery
  • Recover Data From Drive(s)
  • Data Restoration To Customer Device
  • Storage Backup Plan Recommendation
  • Includes Computer Health Check
  • Note: Not All Data Is Recoverable
  • Recovery Device Is Not Included
Windows OS Install ($99)

Customers sometimes find themselves with a corrupt Windows installation. It’s not uncommon, but luckily there is hope. Most often, settings can be recovered as well as software applications. It is somewhat time-consuming and requires expert knowledge of the operating system.

We will install Windows to your computer and perform the follow:

  • PU/Delivery
  • Reinstall Windows OS
  • Setup Drivers
  • Install Customer Software
  • Install Firewall Protection
  • Check Hardware
Network Install & Configure ($89)

Home network, once very simple, has become a technical challenge for most consumers who do not have a technical background. Sure, your cable or internet provider gives you a router with wireless capability and sends you off to figure it out. Not that easy.

We will not only help you get all of your devices connected to the network, but we will help you understand more about it and how to mitigate future issues.

Our basic service includes configuration of up to 5 devices in your home, an assessment of your home networking architecture, and recommendation on optimization in order to make sure you are getting the most out of your network investment.

Additional services are billed hourly ($85/hr) and include:

  • Assess Network Layout
  • Install Components
  • Connect & Configure Devices
  • Review Network Security
  • Wireless Setup
  • Add Devices
  • Cabling
  • Other Services
Printer/Scanner Installation ($79)

Many of our customers can handle unboxing that new computer, scanner or outboard device. Sometimes help is needed to set up, configure and understand these devices.

Our peripheral installation services include:

  • Install Printer or Peripheral Device
  • Install Toner/Ink (as included or provided)
  • Install Drivers/Software
  • Configure Device(s)
  • Connect To Computer
  • Connect To Network
  • Test & Verify
Hourly Service ($85/Hr)

Our team has expertise in a number of areas related to home computing, installation, configuration, repair, remediation and diagnosis. In some cases our customers have project-related work that needs to be done, whether installing numerous devices, a complex network installation, or just a complete review of home digital strategy including smart-home integration, whole-house network coverage, etc.

Our rates for this service include

  • PU/Delivery of Equipment as Needed
  • Various Expert Services Offered
  • Time & Materials
  • Installation
  • Repair
  • Diagnosis
  • Expert Care & Service