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Where We Began

After successfully consulting independently since 2007, we started Talendia in 2012 because we recognized a growing burden on companies to recruit and retain top talent, and there was an obvious disconnect in what companies were paying staffing firms to do and what they were actually getting in return – in most cases, a bunch of commonly-sourced resumes. In large part, that model still exists today but we are doing our part to help clients see a better, scalable, and more cost effective solution.

We now provide outsourced recruiting solutions to a broad range of companies regardless of stage, scale or industry. Our solutions are scaled to fit our clients’ needs while keeping impact to daily operations at a minimum. Through years of experience we have built methods and processes to support and augment talent acquisition needs. Maybe you are a newer company and haven’t established any formal process to attract and recruit top talent. We can help there as well. Our team has the right skills to locate top-performing talent and are supported by our management team and partners all along the way.

Many times, just through small tweaks or new ideas, we can help you decrease the time to fill critical positions, improve your fill rates, and elevate the quality of talent coming into your business. We love to start new relationships by having a conversation, learning more about you and sharing some ideas.

Our clients tell us what they value most in working with us is our ability to produce outcomes that are important to their business. We believe that value is directly related to our approach.



Our goal with any engagement, whether it be white-label or process improvement related, is to convey a consultative approach to recruitment. For decades, talent acquisition, as a process, has been very transactional. We’ve discovered when recruiters stop performing like service robots and show their client organizations they are delivering a strategic service, they more often than not earn a seat at the table as a partner – one who leads process of recruitment alongside the business strategy, not in reaction to it.


This concept has been around for quite some time, and yet we are often surprised by the lack of adoption – by HR, Talent Acquisition and other business leaders. Lou Adler has written extensively about it and we take queues from the research his team has done. It’s not for everyone, but we believe that moving to a model that assesses talent more on performance qualities, versus skills and experience, is high-value and there is direct correlation to many qualitative metrics important to building successful companies.


This has become a hot topic over the last few years and we see the notion of hiring for culture fit used, misused and abused in more ways than you can imagine. Much has been written about corporate culture – what it is, how to create it, how to change it – and our experience tells us that most companies are missing the mark. One thing is certain. Corporate culture is not something a company can manufacture by creating a cool vibe, giving away free food and services, or having flexible work schedules. We love to talk about what it is.

Learn more about our solutions and how Talendia can help you increase the flow of great talent without disrupting your daily operation. Whether a one-time need, a seasonal spike, or process improvement, our talent acquisition solutions scale to fit your requirements.

Our Partners

What Our Clients Say


“We were very fortunate to have Talendia working with us and focused on growing our team. The professionalism and experience resulted in us hiring quality people. Incredibly reliable, worked productively with our hiring managers, and was always focused on a quality end-result. I’d look forward to working with Talendia again in the future.”

Jim G
CEO, Consumer Web Technology Client

“I had the pleasure of working with Talendia while ramping up our operations center in Colorado. They were engaged under circumstances where spinning up the organization was under a very aggressive timetable. Throughout the process, they proved to be fast and effective in sourcing and recruiting top quality candidates for operations and management. As a result of the overall hiring efforts, we were able to go live ahead of schedule, even under the aggressive time table.”

Brent O
Sr. Operations Director, Fortune 100 Infrastructure Client

“I have had the opportunity to work with Talendia for extended periods of time and on multiple assignments. They are awesome recruiters who work quickly and always introduce top talent in a number of disciplines, from sales to design. They are able to identify and qualify top candidates and managed the entire hiring process, from consulting on the job description to offer. Above all, real pros and and I highly recommend.”

Chris D
General Manager, Top 20 Internet Brand

“I’ve worked with Skip on multiple job searches. It’s not what I’m accustomed to when working with a recruiter. He understands technology and is able to fully explain a company’s requirement, technology stack, and development process. I’ve had bad experiences with recruiters in the past. Working with Talendia was a refreshing change.”

Jeff P
Candidate, Full-Stack Ruby/Rails Engineer

“I worked with Talendia when searching for a new role as a software engineering manager. First, I was amazed how much they understood what I do for a living. Second, the attention to detail with each employer contact was better than I had ever experienced in any previous search. I would highly recommend them to any candidate or company who needs this kind of expertise.”

Amanda R
Candidate, Technology Director