Savannah GA

Case Study

Client Profile

Vertical: Online eCommerce
Location: San Francisco Bay Area HQ + 3 satellites
Size: 400+
Revenue: $170 million
Entity: Pre-IPO

Key Metrics

  • 13 month duration
  • 145 hires made
  • Time-to-Hire Decreased by 34%
Case Study

The client was closing a large acquisition and expected to increase headcount by 125%. With starting headcount of around 120, we were asked to help on several fronts including talent acquisition process, white-label recruiting, and improve candidate experience and employer brand.

Upon engagement, there was no recruiting support and a very unpredictable process. We added two recruiters in-house that handled an ongoing requisition flow of 60+ just to regain the confidence get the client groups. A recruiting coordinator was added to the team to handle candidate flow, scheduling and to augment HR support for onboarding. In addition, further steps were taken:

  • Revamped requisition approval process to eliminate iterations for budgeted headcount.
  • Evaluated each step of the candidate touch process including initial contact to background check and made significant improvements to elevate candidate experience and reduce time-to-close.
  • Eliminated costs in talent acquisition budget for tools and services that were not be utilized or were not of high impact.
  • Worked with online reputation vendors to help increase talent brand.
  • Mobilized employee referral and awareness process.
  • Worked directly with leadership to improve processes around candidate assessment, team interviews and compensation alignment.
  • Eliminated redundant communication and streamlined offer approval process.


Our team hired 145 new employees over a 13 month engagement while significantly reducing cost-per-hire (40-45%) and reducing time-to-fill from over 70+ days to 45 days.

  • Made 11 key hires (Director+)
  • Established a streamlined candidate interview and assessment process.
  • Created template for improved position descriptions.
  • Improved candidate engagement and experience.
  • Reconfigured ATS to streamline talent acquisition workflow across organization.
  • Worked directly with HR business partners to improve coordination, consistency and engagement on all new hires.
  • Reduced outside staffing vendor costs by 95%.
  • Improved quality of hire and added quarterly surveys to measure new hire satisfaction with overall talent acquisition process.