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Is Your LinkedIn Profile Worth My Time?

linkedin-no-pictureWe hear it from candidates all the time… “I have a LinkedIn profile. Check it out.”  When a visit is paid to said profile it looks more like a profile ghost town complete with digital tumbleweeds. Often there is no picture, no relevant career details of what the candidate has done, much less accomplished, and oddly nothing representing the reason for being on LinkedIn in the first place.  Oh yea, there’s more.  Six network connections, duplicate (and missing) entries for career history, mixed case, and poor writing.

Easy to understand if you aren’t interested in having a profile on LinkedIn, but don’t point me to that one and say you have one. It makes me question your professional seriousness  if not your ability to communicate.

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Below is a good infographic we found at Linkedin In 30 Minutes . It covers many of the reasons I might not take your profile on LinkedIn seriously.  It’s worth reviewing, and if you want to appear engaged in your field of expertise, take a minute and shore up the basics of your profile today. It doesn’t mean your looking for a new gig, it just means that you care.




November 23, 2013

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